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Suicidal Raiders

[MO] Fakery a posted Feb 11, 14
It's taken us a week and a half but we are finally here! Good work everyone lets kill this guy tomorrow. But no more hugs only kills!

[MO] Luboo a hi Soul think this is the highest res version http://i.imgur.com/MAeEJpz.jpg ...
[R] Soulmaestro I would love a full res of this one :-) Is it possible to link this version to a version with higher resolution? prett ...
[R] Naveria WE are so smaaaaaaall!!

Waiting For Neo

[MO] Fakery a posted Feb 5, 14

03/02/14 25-Man Progression

[MO] Fakery a posted Feb 4, 14  -  25manExodiaRaidingSoO
After spending what felt like an eternity wiping on Malkarok and blaming Cat, we eventually managed to kill him and spoils after a bit of work. While progress tonight was slow hopefully the group has learned from the mistakes made and will do much better next time. All logs for the fight can be found here.

[R] Naveria We always blame Cat..lol

25 Man Begins!

[MO] Fakery a posted Feb 3, 14  -  NewsRaidingSoO
Sunday marked the second day of the guilds 25-Man progression where after a shaky start on Wednesday we made excellent progress killing all of the bosses up to Malkorok. Well done to everyone who attended for the great performance and keep up the good work for tonight.

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